El Nido, Exotic Beach on Palawan Island Philippines

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El Nido Philippines

Southeast Asian countries have a diverse range of natural beauty or tourist destinations that can be visited by many people. Unlike countries with a subtropical climate, Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, have numerous tourist spots to visit.

Traveling to the Philippines is a great choice for enjoying a holiday. The Philippines is famous for its natural and historical tourism.

Several tourist destinations offer unique features that cannot be found elsewhere. In terms of architecture, it is a blend of European and Asian styles, but in terms of natural attractions, the Philippines has a destination that rivals other countries, namely El Nido.

El Nido is known internationally for its stunning scenery. The beach located on Palawan Island is still rarely touched by tourists.

With its white limestone cliffs and white sand, it offers a unique charm.

A Paradise for Tourists

A Paradise El Nido
Photo: Unsplash/Jonathan Beckman

This place is perfect for relaxing on the beach while watching the sunset.

The beauty of El Nido is a paradise for travelers. Filipinos themselves regard El Nido as a second paradise after Boracay.

Around this tourist spot, there are small islands that can be visited one by one, including Miniloc Island, Snake Island, Helicopter Island, Pangulasian Island, Lagen Island, and Shimizu Island.

Coral Reefs

Coral Reefs El Nido
Photo: Unsplash/Eibner Saliba

Under the surface of the sea, there is an expanse of coral reefs that attract tourists. In addition to coral reefs, various types of fish can also be seen here, such as stingrays, dugongs, turtles, and even some sharks.

This tourist destination is still relatively quiet and never crowded like Boracay and Bohol. Although there are not many visitors coming to this destination, the management still provides accommodations and eateries.

The management usually offers beachfront packages that provide various facilities, including swimming pools and 2 or 3-story hotels.

Besides beachfront, there are other packages, namely guesthouses. Try the Entalula accommodation package, which is relatively inexpensive. El Nido offers restaurants that serve several special menus, including Lechon, Abodo Kangkong, and Pancit Canton.

European Cuisine

European Cuisine El Nido
Photo: Unsplash/Charlesdeluvio

From the names, you might be curious about the food. Actually, these dishes are not much different from Indonesian cuisine, such as sautéed water spinach, fried noodles, and fried vermicelli. One restaurant that is often visited is Tattoria Altrove, with European dishes like pizza.

The transportation to visit El Nido includes a flight from Manila to Cebu, then from Cebu city taking a regular flight to Palawan. After that, you can use a bus or taxi to reach El Nido.

Traveling to the Philippines will feel boring if you only visit one tourist spot. Visit several other interesting destinations, including the National Library of the Philippines, Davao City, and the National Museum of the Philippines.

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