Discovering the Charms of Burnham Park: A Day of Delight and Excitement


Burnham Park Baguio City

Burnham Park, the heart of Baguio City, Philippines, stands as a beacon of leisure and adventure. This vibrant park invites visitors to indulge in a day filled with exciting activities and serene moments amidst nature.

Exciting Activities at Burnham Park

Exciting Activities at Burnham Park
Photo: Unsplash/Dona Moltio

Boating Bliss on the Lake

The centerpiece of Burnham Park is its charming man-made lake, where visitors can enjoy boating. Whether you choose a leisurely rowboat ride or a whimsical pedal in a swan-shaped boat, the experience is delightful, perfect for families and romantic outings alike.

Cycling Around the Greenery

Encircling the lake are numerous biking paths, offering a fun and active way to tour the park. Bike rentals are readily available, catering to all ages and providing a unique way to take in the park’s scenic beauty.

Picnic Spots and Play Areas

Scattered across the park are various picnic spots, ideal for a relaxing meal in the great outdoors. The playgrounds, equipped with various play structures, ensure a day of joy and laughter for children, making it a family-friendly haven.

Active Fun at the Skating Rink and Sports Courts

For those seeking more active pursuits, the park’s skating rink and sports courts offer a chance to skate or engage in games like basketball and soccer, adding an element of energy and excitement to your visit.

Stroll Through the Rose Garden and Orchidarium

Nature enthusiasts will be drawn to the park’s Rose Garden and Orchidarium, boasting a diverse array of blooming flowers and plants. These areas provide a tranquil and picturesque setting for a leisurely stroll.

Cultural Vibrancy and Festivities

Regularly hosting cultural events and festivals, Burnham Park transforms into a hub of local artistry and celebration, especially during weekends and holidays. From music to art exhibits, these events showcase the rich cultural heritage of Baguio.

Local Flavors and Crafts

Throughout Burnham Park, visitors will find an assortment of food stalls and souvenir shops. Here, you can sample Baguio’s culinary delights and purchase local handicrafts, capturing the essence of the city in tangible forms.

Outdoor Fitness and Wellness Activities

Burnham Park also caters to those who are fitness enthusiasts. The wide open spaces and jogging paths around the park are perfect for morning runs, yoga sessions, or simply for taking a brisk walk while enjoying the cool Baguio air. These activities provide a refreshing way to start or end your day, invigorating both body and mind.

Photography Opportunities

For photography enthusiasts, the park offers endless opportunities. From the picturesque landscapes and floral displays to the lively street scenes and cultural events, Burnham Park is a canvas for capturing the essence of Baguio. Each corner of the park presents a new opportunity to capture memories through the lens.

Relaxing by the Water Features

Apart from the main lake, the park has smaller water features that provide a serene escape. Sitting by these tranquil spots can be incredibly relaxing, offering moments of reflection amidst the bustling park environment.

Visitor Tips for Enjoying Burnham Park

Visitor Tips for Enjoying Burnham Park
Photo: Google Maps/Jonas Bill Rivera

Entry and Accessibility

No Entrance Fee: Access to Burnham Park is completely free, welcoming visitors of all ages to enjoy its diverse attractions.

Cash Necessity: Carry some cash for various park amenities and activities that charge a fee, like bike rentals, boat rides, and amusement rides.

Activities and Rentals

Bike Rentals: Explore the park on two wheels with affordable bike rentals available at around PHP 50 for 30 minutes. It’s a fun and scenic way to navigate the park.

Boat Rides at Burnham Lagoon: For a serene experience, try the boat rides at Burnham Lagoon. Rental fees are typically around PHP 250 for 30 minutes, accommodating up to 7 people. Additional charges apply for hiring a rower.

Attraction Fees: Most attractions, such as bumper cars and the skating rink, have their own fees, usually starting at PHP 100.

Comfort and Convenience

Food and Drinks: It’s a good idea to bring or purchase snacks and drinks within the park to stay refreshed throughout your visit.

Dress for the Weather: Opt for comfortable clothing suitable for Baguio’s cooler temperatures, which can drop to 18°C or below.

Parking Facilities: For those driving to the park, there’s convenient pay parking available. Rates are generally PHP 35 for the first two hours and PHP 10 for each additional hour.

Picnics and Relaxation

Picnic Spots: Utilize the park’s expansive open spaces for picnics, games, or just relaxing. Bringing a mat or blanket is recommended for a more comfortable experience.

Park Etiquette

Follow Park Rules: Adhere to the park’s rules and regulations to ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Keep the Park Clean: Help maintain the park’s beauty by disposing of trash properly in designated bins.

Following these tips and guidelines will help ensure a delightful and hassle-free experience at Burnham Park, allowing you to fully enjoy the myriad of activities and the natural beauty it offers.

A visit to Burnham Park offers a comprehensive experience of fun, adventure, and tranquility. It’s a place where the joys of outdoor activities, the calm of natural beauty, and the richness of cultural experiences converge, making it an essential destination for anyone visiting Baguio.

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